Detox Water 



WeightDaily Calorie Allowance FemaleDaily Calorie Allowance Male
Up to 75kgs1200N/A
75kgs to 100kgs15001500
100kgs to 125kgs18001800
Over 125kgs20002000


Drop a Dress Size in 48hrs. Look good and feel better with the Optislim 48hr Detox program!

The Optislim detox program combines a natural cleansing detox drink which contains 40 key ingredients including the powers of Raspberry Ketones and the goodness of African Mango and specifically formulated meal plans designed to:

  • Kick start weight loss
  • Re-energise the body
  • Rid excess water weight
  • Reduce belly bloating
  • Boost metabolism

We no longer live in a natural world and we are taking in more toxins than our body can safely eliminate, resulting in a chronic state of toxicity. Under these conditions, our body loses its natural ability to detoxify.

Think of a detox as a reset button for your body. By helping the body detox we can restore its ability to naturally eliminate toxins. Discover the amazing natural powers of Raspberry Ketones!

Optislim 48hr Detox is a concentrated solution. Just mix 120mls of water with 60mls of Optislim 48 hr Detox and drink immediately. Do this 4 times daily between meals for 48 hours. For best results, avoid grains, proteins, sugars, fried or processed foods. Ensure that 2 litres of water is consumed daily. We recommend using in conjunction with our suggested low calorie meal plans for best results. Simply refer to the chart and select the appropriate meal plans. Yours FREE to download and get started now! Optislim 48hr Detox can be used regularly as a cleansing product or at the beginning of your diet to kick start weight loss.