Really enjoyed this flavour and mixed really well in a proper protein shaker with a ball. Haven’t tried any other flavours just yet so can’t really compare to others. Filed me up too.

It really does work!

I have been on the Optislim Intensive (3 shakes and veges) program for about 3 weeks now. I haven’t slipped up or cheated once in that time and I’ve lost 6kg! I feel fantastic and lighter all round, the first few days are TOUGH, like really tough you’ll wanna quit but once you’re over the hump you’ll come to actually enjoy it.

actually really works! recommended!!

so I have tried the banana, chocolate and vanilla… personally vanilla is my favourite. I wasn’t skeptic on trying shakes as meal replacement meals, I just wanted to try to lose weight, and what do you know? I actually did suprisingly. I originally weighed 120kgs when I started and lost 20kgs, but keeping in mind I had a sort of strict diet. My diet was basically a shake in the morning, lunch is whatever I felt like not too heavy obviously and then a shake for dinner. My exercise literally consisted of walking to work in the morning and then walking home from work (I lived in a rural area, so it took me 20/25mins to walk to work depending on my speed of how I feel haha). Then I noticed I was losing weight as the weeks went by, I mixed mine with light milk I believe it was the devondale brand and green packaging. The taste is something you can live with, but for how it helped me lose weight and gain confidence, highly recommend!

So far so good!

I have the mixed flavour pack, my favourite is Cafe Latte! Must say so far i have been on for over a week and find it quite easy to have a coffee in morning then a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch, at least 2 litres of water throughout the day then a proper dinner at night. Already feeling smaller, less bloated and tighter all round. So will continue and see! Love the flavours and taste- easy to drink and actually enjoyable!

Really works, but you have to follow the directions

2 weeks since I started optislim and I have lost 6 kilos!!!! It was way too hard to do just the shakes, the bars have changed my life! They really keep my mind off food for awhile, and the caramel crunch bars are so delicious! I always want another one but then 10 minutes later I forget about it. keeps me full from lunch but usually starving by 6pm. I am having the chocolate shake aswell with skim milk I don’t find too bad. I have not caved. And I haven’t been having my veggies every night. which I know is dangerous. it works so well, but you really need to stick with it and really want it for the maximum results. I honestly didnt expect to lose this much in just 2 weeks! So happy.


Trick is to use milk water lots of ice and an electric blender to make a milkshake.vanilla can be made to choc using cacao powder or add cinnamon,,be creative ,enjoy..

Great tasting and filling

I have tried all of the flavours and what is really awesome is that I often add more water because it adds volume to my meal and helps with keeping fluids up. Also , you must remember not to use boiling water for the savoury flavours.


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